Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two photos that almost worked

I don't know if it was the camera or the photographer or the editing or what, but these two pictures came up short of what I wanted them to be.

The first I call "Duck River," an attempted pun on the Tchaikovsky ballet "Swan Lake."

And this one I suppose would be called "Bridge Joint." It's a joint on a CSX railroad bridge over the Guyandotte River near its mouth.

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Bill Alden said...

I have sometimes wondered why ducks stand around on one foot.

According to April Holladay at, "Experts say a bird's leg gets three times more blood per heartbeat than the pectoral muscles used in flying, which are the largest muscles in his body. Consequently, he loses much more heat through his legs and feet than through his body. By standing on one leg, he can keep the other leg close to his body, inside feathers, and reduce heat loss."

This sounds logical, but it wouldn't explain why they do it in the summer, unless it's just to keep in practice.