Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missed another one

AEP  has a new boat on the Ohio River. The M/V Mike Weisend came up as far as the Tanner Creek power plant in Indiana, then it turned around and headed back downriver. That left it about 200 miles short of where Adam and I go in search of boats.

But if you want to see it anyway, here's a photo.

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Jeff L. Yates said...

This boat was not built by Horizon.

It was built by Gulf Island Fabrication at Houma, LA and is one of several in the AEP Mariner series that was introduced in 2008by Quality Shipyard, also in Houma where Bobby Barthel served as president before assuming a similar role at Gulf Island.

Most in the series have since been built by Gulf Island.

It was christened at Paducah, KY on Aug. 25th.