Friday, October 7, 2011

Working on the Ohio River

I grew up along the Ohio River. I'm the fourth generation of five on my mother's side to have worked on the river in some capacity, although the lineage has not been exactly linear. I like watching, listening to and feeling the boats go up and down the river as they push the bulk cargo -- coal, petroleum products, chemicals, gravel -- that keep modern life going. And I like taking pictures of them. Sometimes I cross over from taking pictures to real photography.

Things just weren't cut out for me to work on a boat or for a company that runs boats. I took a different path. In my jobs, I've written as much about the Ohio River and  its tributaries as I've been able.

Being drawn to the river is in my DNA. It's who I am.

(By the way, this photo was taken last year. I had forgotten about it until I was going through a folder and thought I would post it).


Dangerous Dan said...

I saw in Sunday's Daily Independent that Marathon is looking for deck hands. Are you up to it? :-)

ohio981 said...

Nah. I'm too old to do that kind of work, I'm afraid.