Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beckjord closing announced

For some reason, I had though the Walter C. Beckjord power plant at New Richmond, Ohio, had closed, but I was wrong. Instead, it is now scheduled to close in 2015, Duke Energy has announced.


Anonymous said...

The Ohio River Company had a triple screw towboat named the Walter C.Beckjord.My mother was a cook on it,and I worked as a young deckhand on the same boat way back in 1962.I see its still listed on the CG documentation as a "passenger barge",when I was on it we were still doing the standard barges 175x26.and some of the captains wanted the couplings double wired, but there were four of us on each watch,but no tug service, hard long days back then.

Randy said...

Just so happens, I have a Postcard of this River Boat to be posted on eBay on 2-18-13. Take a look by searching the boats name; Walter C Beckjord. Enjoy the photo.