Monday, March 19, 2012

Stage marker

Old Lock and Dam 28 at Sybene, Ohio, is a nice place at the top of the bank. The old powerhouse is a senior citizens center. The riverbank itself that once led down to the locks is returning to nature. Some half a century after the lock and dam were taken out of action when the Greenup Locks and Dam raised its pool, the concrete-covered bank is now covered with brush and small trees. But the steps leading down toward the river are still usable. Here is one of the stage markers on the downstream side of the steps.

There's no paint or anything to provide contrast, so you pretty much have to look at them through their shadows.

Yeah, I like to photograph and visit these old locks and dams whenever I can.

If I ever make it down to Paducah, I hope the Corps of Engineers lets me visit Lock and Dam 52 the way it did in 1986.

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Anonymous said...

As far as I know old lock 31,west of Portsmouth, the upper long wall is there and as of last fall you could tie to it and get out of your boat and walk it.I do that several times each summer,it brings back old memories of my young days as a deckhand when I would carry the eye of the lock-line up the wall and place it on the pins as needed to keep the 1st. cut checked into the wall. there are no pins now, they were cut off by the Corps of Engrs.