Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Some things I hear about for so long that when they actually happen, I'm amazed. Like the new Louisville bridges.

Construction on one bridge will occur this summer. It may be only an access road and not the bridge itself, but it's a start. Now, I remember here in Huntington WV when approaches and piers for an Ohio River bridge (my favorite bridge, by the way) were built, the money ran out and several  years passed before the bridge was finished. And in Louisiana, I remember a bridge over the Mississippi River being built and then there was no money for a while to build the approaches.

Here's hoping the people of Louisville and southern Indiana don't have to deal with that.


This next story is about the possibility of using private money to help build a new bridge in Cleveland, but down in the story is a mention that the Ohio Department of Transportation is considering a similar plan to build a new $2.4 billion bridge next to the Brent Spence Bridge at Cincinnati.

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