Saturday, August 18, 2012

A busy half hour at Huntington

I had to stop by the Marine Corps recruiting office yesterday morning to take care of something before I went to work. With the office being only a few blocks away from Huntington's riverfront park, I couldn't turn down the opportunity to swing by to see if there was anything to see, and yes, there was.

I saw the M/V Caleb Lay going under the 6th Street Bridge while the Jincy and the Matthew T were waiting to go under it upbound. The Jincy was pushing rock, while the Matthew T was lightboat. As the Caleb Lay headed away from me, I looked up the river and saw what I'm pretty sure was the Transporter coming down. But I didn't have time time wait on it, so I got a few pictures and left.

Here are some pictures of the busyness I saw at Huntington that morning.

The good news is that a person I work with got a new computer recently, and she was trying to think what to do with her old one, which is just like the one I have that refuses to work. So she's giving it to me next week, and I'll see if I can copy the valuable stuff over from the old one. As politicians like to say, help is on the way.

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