Sunday, August 19, 2012

A day by the river

Adam and I decided to spend some father-son time looking for a particular boat today. We found it, but before we did we saw other things.

Such as the M/V Earl Jones.

Something I'd not noticed before. A boat pushing loaded coal barges UP the Big Sandy River.

An open hatch -- or whatever it's called -- on a barge.

And what we were looking for: the M/V Dan Elder.

Before the Elder got there, I had a couple of seconds to get this pleasure boat going under the bridge.

And that was our excitement for the day.

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Anonymous said...

Yelp,you right "open hatch" in the old days,as a young deckhand when you stayed with the first cut through the lock,and you had to go to the bathroom for #2,you would open the hatch and go down in the barge and do your business,"been there done that" as I often say.