Saturday, November 17, 2012

M/V Ocie Clark in the early morn

After I dropped Adam off at school yesterday morning, I went down to the river, as I had about half an hour to wait before I needed to be somewhere. There was nothing much to see except what was left of the morning fog. This time of year, the river can be pretty colorless around here. As I was leaving, I saw something down at the bend that looked like a barge. Sure enough, a boat was coming up the river. Some of its barges carried coal, some carried scrap metal and some carried some white stuff I couldn't identify from where I was.

I knew it was an Ingram boat, but I didn't want to leave until I had made a positive identification. The boat turned out to be the Ocie Clark.

While the hills might not have had much color, the steam fog on the surface of the Ohio adds something to the scene.

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