Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another candidate for the mystery boat

While looking through an old album last night, I found this photo and thought it might be the mystery boat that someone had asked me about before. It's the Lesta K in the upper approach of the old Gallipolis locks. This was taken in the early to middle 1980s, I think.

This image is a photo of a photo. It wasn't worth it getting out the scanner and all, so I just used the camera to photograph the photograph.

There were a lot of boats built in that period with arches and designs that are out of fashion now.

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Anonymous said...

This old boat brings back lots of memories of my deckhand days on the Illinois River, This was the flag-ship of the Ohio River Company way back in 1943,with all of her 1600HP!!.The old Henry S.Sturgis.I was working on the Mike Creditor as a young deckhand in the winter of "65" and we had hit a bouy and the cable was wrapped around one of her props.We went on dry-dock and transfered crew to the Sturgis,I belive we were the last ORC crew to work on her.The boat was sold in 1966.My grandfather was on the first crew in 1943 and I was on the last ORC crew.