Sunday, March 31, 2013

1986 archives

I didn't see much on a quick trip to the river today, but I did find a few slides in a box while I was looking for something else. Here are a few pictures from what I think is late winter/early spring 1986.

First, the Capt. Charles H. Stone, heading south from the Gallipolis Locks and Dam.

And the Katie Kinzeler heading up toward the locks.

From the sequence in the box of slides, I'm guessing the Stone had been helping out on some double cuts at the locks and was heading back to its own tow when this was taken. Judging from the vegetation in the foreground of some pictures, I also assume the river was a bit high this day.

I don't have many good photos of the triple-screw turtlebacks.

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Anonymous said...

Was the Kinzeler the Walter C.Beckjord,I should know this,I believe the K.Kinzeler was under that name only a few months,the only triple screw I worked on was the OVEC,really nice boat's in their day. Plenty of deck room up front, 45' wide I believe.I was working on the OVEC when the Ohio River Co. cut the deck crews,I went to the canals of Chicago to work on the F.B.Payne 26 X 100 no AC& and very little space,big change after coming off the OVEC but I made it.