Monday, March 10, 2014

City of Pittsburgh ... the boat, not the city

I saw it from afar late yesterday afternoon and wondered what configuration the barges were in, as from a distance it looked unbalanced. As it got closer, I could make out how the tow looked.

I don't know what the barges were made to haul, but they looked pretty nice in the evening sunlight. The boat did, too.

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George Harpole said...

Great photos of a great towboat. The City of Pittsburg was built in 1960 by Dravo for Thomas Petroleum Transit as the Franklin Pierce. My dad, Mose Harpole was first mate from the beginning and worked on the "Pierce" until his retirement in 1972. I operated this towboat as a 12 year old under the watchful eye of then Captain Penn Jackson. An experience I will never forget. I hope this boat continues plying the Ohio and Mississippi for many more years to come.