Saturday, March 29, 2014

So much for going down to the river this week

We've had rain all day here in Huntington WV, and the forecast calls for more rain, and rain turning to snow overnight, but with no accumulation.

The rain means the river will be rising. Adam and I were down on the riverbank yesterday evening, and it was barely dry enough to walk on. What we walked on yesterday will be under water soon if it's not already.

I checked the river stage forecasts for various cities, and this is what I found, with the first number being the most recent measurement and the second number being the highest forecast for the next few days.

Pittsburgh: 16.75 rising to 17.2

Wheeling:16.32 rising to 24.8 Sunday afternoon.

Parkersburg at the Willow Island Locks and Dam: 13.9 rising to 22.5 by Monday morning.

Point Pleasant: 25.14 rising to 28.8 by Monday evening.

Huntington: 26.2 rising to 34.7 by Monday morning.

Cincinnati: 28.39 rising to 38.4 by Tuesday evening.

Louisville: 17.31 rising to 36.3 by Wednesday evening.

Evansville: 17.78 rising to 28.8 by Friday evening.

Paducah: 13.93 rising to 17.0 by Wednesday evening.

Cairo: 22.03 rising to 23.6 by Wednesday evening.

So it looks like not a lot of riverbank photography will be going on this week, at least in my stretch of the river.

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