Thursday, July 23, 2015

Black and White Week, Day 5: Bridges

Bridges are better subjects for black and white than boats because they have a more timeless quality to them. There's a difference between the Kentucky and the Fred Way in black and white, but there's less difference between the Blennerhassett Bridge and the Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge. To me, at least.

So here are five bridges in black and white.

First, the Blennerhassett Island Bridge. It's one of my favorites because it's the only network tied arch bridge over the Ohio. The down side is that there are few places on public property on land to get a good view. If I ever get out on the river again in the Parkersburg area, I'm burning through a memory card getting shots of this one.

Then there's the aforementioned Simon Kenton Bridge at Maysville, Ky., one of the few true suspension bridges over the Ohio.

This view of the Silver Memorial Bridge makes the day look more somber than it really was.

I turned my head about 90 degrees and got this bridge over the Kanawha River near its mouth.

And a little further up the M/V Reliant was taking two barges it had picked up on the Ohio to a point somewhere on the Kanawha. That's a CSX railroad bridge. It's part of the old B&O line along the Ohio River.

Next: Looking at some older pictures. Saturday: Wrapping it up with the Real Thing™.

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