Saturday, July 4, 2015

Christening at McGinnis, part 2

Continuing with the big event at McGinnis Inc. on June 10:

Garry Lacey was hired by McGinnis on June 23, 1980, as the supervisor of the company's dry cargo barge cleaning facility at Ludlow, Ky., at Ohio River Mile 473. He remains in that capacity today.

Chuck Piepmeier was hired by McGinnis on June 6, 1988, as a a dispatcher of its Cincinnati-area fleeting and harbor service at Mile 480, where the double-christening ceremony was held.

A few photos follow. In the first one, Lacey is the guy in the gray shirt and sunglasses. Piepmeier is in the blue shirt to Lacey's immediate left.

I wanted to get a shot of Lacey smashing the bottle on the boat bearing his name, but he did it before I could get set up for it. C'est la vie.

Next: Photos of the ceremony speakers and audience.

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