Sunday, March 13, 2016

February leftovers

Here are a few images I got last month that got lost in the day-to-day struggles that tend to consume us.

Sometimes when I get a close look at a petroleum or chemical barge, I think of a man I knew who died about ten years ago. He worked most of his life as a union pipefitter. He often said he wished someone would have built a brewery close to where he lived, as that would be a pipefitter's dream. Different people can look at the same thing and see different things. I wonder what he would have thought about some of these barges.

And here's the bell mounted below the wheelhouse of the M/V Detroit. Does anyone ever ring these things?

Experimenting with the Detroit, fog and black and white.

The Sandy Drake heading downriver into the late afternoon sun.

And the Paul G. Blazer, too. I admit I'm kind of surprised Marathon hasn't changed the name of this boat yet. Not complaining. Just surprised.

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Anonymous said...

Nope!,no one rings the bell,just a old river tradition left over from the steamboat days, and something for a new man to shine.Back in the early 60's that was my job on the John J Rowe.