Monday, May 30, 2016

M/V Winnie C passes Huntington

This evening the rebuilt Campbell Transportation boat passed through my area shortly before sunset, allowing for some interesting light.


h.m.sanders said...

Looks like they doubled the size of the 2nd deck superstructure and enlarged the wheelhouse. Did they re-power also? I assume these are recent changes.

This is what I have on the WINNIE C.

#0590109..Built 1978..Dravo Corp..Neville Island PA..90'x28'..Twin screw diesel..Gm 16V-149 @ 1800hp??..Twin Disc red 7:1!!..Kort nozzle..Re-built superstructure (2nd deck & wheelhouse) 5/2016??

BTW Nice shot Mr. Ross

ohio981 said...

Details of the rebuild can be found at

The "why" of the rebuild can be found at

h.m.sanders said...

Thank you for the links..very informative