Thursday, December 15, 2016

Update on New Cumberland

Today I had an email conversation with Jeff Hawk, public affairs officer for the Pittsburgh District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, about the situation at New Cumberland. He's had a busy day fielding questions from media and others, as you can imagine.

Here's the update he provided on the current situation:

"Crews are working right now to isolate the source of the failure. They are capping lines and then testing them. We are working to re-open on Saturday, if all goes well. That's the temp fix. The long-term fix will be months away if we receive emergency funding. We have submitted a funding request up to HQ USACE. There is a queue of tows, about 10, awaiting passage, many hauling coal. "

Then I asked about the permanent outage in the auxiliary lock. People have spent all year talking about the possibility of a major failure at Emsworth and Montgomery, which are a couple of decades older than New Cumberland. New Cumberland, along with Greenup, was one of the first all-new locks and dams to be built in the 1950s. His reply:


Granny Sue said...

I had not heard about this! It's funny how something so important to commerce and industry goes unmentioned in the media.

ohio981 said...

It's been a big deal in the media from Pittsburgh to Wheeling, but scarcely mentioned elsewhere. I guess editors don't see it as a local story. It should be one here in Huntington, as two Marathon boats have or had been stuck above the locks waiting to return to Catlettsburg. But apparently it wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Amen!! to Granny Sue