Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Year-end wrap up, part 2 of 3 (or 4)

Back in June I saw some dredging work going on at the boat ramp at the mouth of the Guyandotte River here in Huntington. Here are some photos of that work.

The crane operator is Craig Boyd.

These two on deck are William "B.J." Smith and Dave Pauley.

The woman on the left is Rebecca Boone Rebekah Booton-Cost, site inspector for the Army Corps of Engineers.

My thanks to Brian Patterson of Amherst Madison for the photo IDs.

The dredging work was done by Amherst Madison for the Corps. Patterson tells me this is the last dredging work that will be done at this boat ramp, as another will be built at the park there next to the bridge crossing the Ohio River.

Last year, someone in the know in Huntington told me the new ramp will be of the self-cleaning variety. That's the kind with concrete walls extending out into the river. The walls have holes in them to allow the river current itself to clean out the sediment when the water is up.

That project is the responsibility of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. I tried contacting the DNR a couple of times last year about the status of this project, but I never heard back from them. That usually means something.

My contact in Huntington told me the old ramp will remain open for kayakers, canoeists and other people who launch smaller boats, while the new one will be the launch site for larger boats.

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