Friday, August 3, 2018

Locks and Dam 52, Part 4: The M/V Odette Cenac

For the final part of this series before I take a little break to organize a humongous amount of material about the Olmsted Locks and Dam, here are ten photos of the M/V Odette Cenac locking through 52 downbound on July 25. No comments except for these three:

One photo shows the M/V Chuck Piepmeier in its role of a helper boat getting another tow aligned  to enter the locks, just as it did the Odette Cenac a few minutes earlier. I did not get the name of the other boat.

And if you want to hear the groaning noises the upper lock gates make when they open (in this case reluctantly for some reason) check out this video on YouTube.

The final comment is after the last photo.

There was one other aspect of the visit to Locks and Dam 52 that stuck me that has nothing to do with the condition of the dam itself. I'll get to it in a later entry.

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