Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Rising Sun and Dilles Bottom, plus Monaca

A few weeks ago the Rising Star casino at Rising Sun, Ind., opened its new ferry service to Rabbit Hash, Ky., in hopes of drawing more customers from the Cincinnati metro area. Now the casino's parent company says it may move the resort to another city. It seems Full House Resorts can't justify offering all the table games it is licensed to operate at Rising Star, so it wants to relocate some of them to Terre Haute.

Read this article for all the details.

Meanwhile, the process of securing environmental permits for an ethane cracker at Dilles Bottom,  Ohio,  across the river from Moundsville, W.Va., continues. The next public hearing is tomorrow night.

And in case you were wondering about how many more trips will be made from the Gulf Coast to Monaca, Pa., to deliver production units for the new ethane cracker Shell is building there, the answer is at least through the end of next year, according to this article.

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Unknown said...

Well ain't that something--I was just aboard that new ferry not long ago---a friend of mine who is a boat captain and marina owner in Cincinnati consulted on getting that ferry up and running. I wondered if the folks who make up the community of Rabbit Hash were going to like that ferry or not and I found that most actually do want it and like it and it in just a short time had become a part of the are on both sides of the river. I sure hope that they don't pull the casino from Rising Sun---sure wished I could post up the pictures I have of riding the ferry--even though it was a dark, damp late fall afternoon...