Friday, May 29, 2009

Kid's pics

You hand your 9-year-old son your camera and tell him to take a picture of a towboat, and he might want to get creative. That's what happened this April at Virginia Point Park at Kenova WV when Adam and I went down there to look for towboats. He saw the George King sitting in the water near the shore, and this is what he did.

He also saw the Dreama Klaiber coming out of the Big Sandy turning downriver toward Catlettsburg, Ky., so he got  few snaps of it, too.

That's Catlettsburg behind the boat, of course.

The kid likes taking pictures of towboats. And school buses. And about any other piece of large transportation equipment he sees. Kind of like his father.

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michelle said...

Okay, the first picture? I think that's just awesome and brilliant, and I'll tell you why: a few years back, I was designing a CD cover for a friend who was recording some new songs. We played around taking all kinds of pictures, but what I had intended to use was actually just a highway shot--simple, you know? But that particular time of day, we couldn't get an empty highway.

When I started looking through the pictures, there was one that had the person framed in that same crazy angle as Adam's first picture, and I sat down and worked on using it as a cover, by myself...because you know how picky "artists" can be, and most of them wouldn't like a whimsical portrayal of themselves. Then I did another one using the simpler idea, so there would still be that option.

The cover I'd done on a whim was everyone's pick, and I don't compliment myself often, but the final product really did look good. So hang on to his creative river pictures. You may just have yourself a book cover :) LOL, good job Adam!