Monday, November 23, 2009

A coincidence and a discovery

Earlier today, as I was preparing to write about the mv. Tri-State, I looked through some of the photos I had taken of the boat in the past two years. In that process, I discovered a coincidence and something I hadn't noticed before.

I knew I had taken photos of the Tri-State and the James E. Anderson encountering each other at Kenova on July 20. The Tri-State was downbound and the Anderson was upbound. 

As I looked through my archive, I found photos I had taken on March 7. On that day, the Anderson was downbound and the Tri-State was either upbound or motionless, waiting for the Anderson to pass.

As I looked at the photo from March, I noticed an AEP boat at the McGinnis dock in the background. If I noticed it at the time, I figured it was either the AEP Mariner or the Chuck Zebula. But as I looked at this second photo today, I noticed the glass on the pilothouse. Although the sun's glare hides most of the name, the boat has to be the Buckeye State.

And here I thought I hadn't seen the Buckeye State until May 22. My son Adam thought he hadn't seen it until this month, but he was with me that day in March.

Not a major discovery, but an interesting one for Adam and me nevertheless.

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