Monday, November 23, 2009

Favorite towboats, part 6: Dravo pre-Vikings

Adam calls these boats the "pre-Vikings." They're what Dravo made before it made the Viking line in the 1970s and 1980s. A guy like me, who does not work in the river industry and who does not have access to its reference materials, has no idea what these things are really called.

And I cannot explain why I like them, although the fact they are all over the place here around Mile 310 may have something to do with it. They're almost as numerous as Crounse boats.


Top: The Harllee Branch Jr. at Huntington WV.

Here, the Lee Synnott passes the area of Lawrence County OH between Chesapeake and South Point.

The James E. Anderson prepares to go under the Norfolk Southern bridge at Kenova WV.

About a week ago, the James E. Anderson passed Huntington right before sunset.


michelle said...

Good pictures. The third one really puts the size in perspective, too. (Good picture of that bridge by the way...her lines are so perfect in that one!)

jeffery said...

i think this class of boats were refered to as the dravo 3200 series of boats