Monday, August 23, 2010

LST-325, photographed

I got back a little while ago from chasing the LST-325 from the Greenup Locks and Dam to the West End of Huntington, WV. We got to the dam as the ship was leaving the locks. Adam and I saw it and got photos at Greenup KY and Ironton and South Point OH. The ship passed South Point as the sun was setting, and there I talked with an old veteran who said he was on the ship from England to Utah Beach on D-Day.

I'll try to have more details tomorrow, as it's getting late and I have a lot of photos to work on.

Meanwhile, here's a photo of the LST-325 taken at Ironton. It's backlit, as the Ironton riverfront faces the west.

Before I retire for the night, I put another photo on my Flickr photostream for my audience there, and I'll link to it on Facebook. More tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Nice picture!
So nice to see your interest in the ship & thank you for posting.
We love the ship & love for others to see & talk about her too!
A crew member

Anonymous said...

By the way, here is her schedule of days open for tours in the 3 ports she's visiting this tour.
Wheeling, W. Va (Aug 27-30), Pittsburgh, Pa (Sep 2-6), Marietta, Oh (Sep 10-14)
She'll also be coming back downriver after she leaves Marietta on 9/15 so maybe you can chase her again. Hope to see you in a port sometime so you can take a tour.

pebbles45771 said...

we are also chasing it.we missed it at Racine lock but saw it at Ravenswood Wv we will be at Marietta Oh to take a tour...this is a great part of history