Monday, August 23, 2010

LST-325 (Updated)

LST-325, a restored troop landing ship that was used in the D-Day invasion, is heading up the Ohio River. When I checked at 5:30 a.m., it had locked through Meldahl at 4:45 a.m. I'll post more info as the Internet cooperates. If it passes through my area (Huntington WV) in daylight, I'll try to get a picture.

Here's one link .

You can follow it by clicking on the "Live Tracking" link at the ship's home Web page .

UPDATE: The ship has passed Portsmouth, Ohio, meaning it's close enough for me to chase down. When my boys get home from school (one at 3 o'clock and the other at 4), we'll run out and find it. If I get any pictures, I'll do my best to post them this evening or tonight.


Anonymous said...

The LST-325 passed Buena Vista,Ohio, (Mile 374) at 11:15 am

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting & your interest in the LST 325. Here's a great tracker to follow the ship & estimate where it will be when.

We look forward to seeing people in Wheeling W. Va, Pittsburgh Pa & Marietta Oh while we are out on this tour that will last about 1 month.
A crew member

Anonymous said...

My grandparents and mother talked a lot about the LST's as they came down the river from the ship-yards in Pittsburg during the war.Between Dravo,at Neville Island & American Bridge Company at Ambridge, Pa. at total of 286 were built and came down the river here.The pilots were regular towboat pilots enlisted in the Navy. I worked on the Orco with Capt.Joe McKee in the early 60's who was one of those pilots. They were known as the "Catfish Navy" The LST-325 was built in 1943 at the Philadelphia Navy Yard,and was not one of the 286 that came down the Ohio.I got some photo's as it went by the house.I wish it at been one of those that passed here 67 years ago.Very moving to me to watch the vessel go by,hope other folks feel the same.