Friday, March 18, 2011

Gallipolis, Ohio, in the New York Times

The New York Times parachutes in to Gallipolis, Ohio, and does a story. I'm familiar with the town. This weekend, I'll dissect the story, because it touches on a lot of things that have changed -- some that probably are not familiar to media paratroopers.


Jenny Myers said...

I live in Gallipolis, Ohio and I was hopping mad after reading the NY Times article that painted MY town in such an unfair and unfavorable light. This article was completely slanted to make the town and its residents look low-classed and uneducated. There are many, many positive things that were not even hinted at -- We have some beautiful old and new homes, we have a beautiful city park that has a lot of activities, we have a very active riverfront and boat dock, and we have three (3) new schools. Gallipolis is NOT dead OR dying. It is a busy little town that we residents LOVE and enjoy living in. Most of the residents are hard-working, church-going good people who still believe in God, country, and our fellow man. The article said residents were not educated enough to work at the Gavin Power Plant ---- PLEASE -- Take a poll and find out how many PHD's, Master Degrees, and BA & BS Degrees live in this town. I think you would be surprised. We would be pleased with NY Times writing an article about our town, but be fair -- look at us with your eyes wide open. This article was grossly UNFAIR and I plan to contact the NY Times and complain as I hope other residents also will do.

Jenny Myers

Anonymous said...

An interesting comment on the state of affairsm in Gallipolis. Sadly, the same story colud be repeated over and over again in all to many places in the USA. M6y comment is this: What exactly do the controling forces want, i.e., rich people. Serfdom? Slavery? Is it their aim to turn back the clock to the days of lords and ladies with privlivges? I have been an optimist all my life. But in the last decade or so, I have come to fear for the republic. I am reminded of the Roman Republic in its dying years wheb one man was rich enough to "buy" the entire senate. Have we come to those days?????

The BIG Chil