Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flood Sunday

Today I drove up to Glenwood, W.Va., on State Route 2. It's the lowest community along the Ohio River in the part I call home, meaning it's the first to flood when the river comes up.

Once there, I realized that I've photographing and writing about floods since 1978, but I had never been to the place that always floods first. And lately I've been thinking about Glenwood more. I hear that my great-grandfather ran a ferry between Glenwood and Swan Creek, Ohio. And another of my ancestors was building a barn in the Glenwood area at the time of his death. He got drunk in Gallipolis, Ohio, on a Saturday night, laid down beside the railroad tracks and was struck by a passing train. The obituary said he was clever and industrious when sober, but was addicted to drink. I guess his ex-wife helped write it.

Anyway, at the lower end of Glenwood was this RV sitting in water.

Here is the scene looking upriver. That's Trippett's Dandi Mart, a long-time locally owned convenience store in the water on the left.

People asked Milton Trippett if he was trying to clear a drain. No, he said, he was stirring up the mud. If he didn't, it would harden when the river goes down and be very hard to remove, he said.

The double yellow line of Route 2 runs off into the water.

And someone gets the family photo of the flood.

Looking back downriver, the water is starting to recede, as evidenced by the location of trash and vegetative matter on the road.

The mv. Andrew Canava heads down the river. This was taken while I was standing on Route 2, so the river it still almost at road level.

This was the third downbound towboat I'd seen in the space of about an hour, and at least two of the three were making good time, helped along by the current.

And that's about it for my flood photography for this event, I guess. Monday awaits, as always.

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