Monday, April 25, 2011

A ceremony and a disappointment

Today I was able to confirm that one of my favorite boats is getting a new name. The Pennsylvania, formerly known as the L. Fiore, will become the O. Nelson Jones at a ceremony and reception at Haddad Riverfront Park on the Kanawha River at Charleston, W.Va., late Friday afternoon.

The Pennsylvania is one of the few remaining boats that some people on the river refer to as "turtlebacks." Only two of them are seen on  my home part of the Ohio: the Pennsylvania and the Ronald E. Wagenblast, formerly the John Ladd Dean.

I called Madison Coal & Supply today to verify what I had heard, and the person there confirmed the facts and said it was an invitation-only event.

Adam was disappointed when he found out we couldn't attend. I explained that these things are private  parties where the company wants to do something for its customers, friends and such. Maybe we'll go by the park on Friday and get a picture or two from afar. Or maybe we'll forget the whole thing and do something closer to home. We'll worry about that then. That's why they invented tomorrow, you know.

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