Monday, April 25, 2011

MCFS data

Most people judge a flood by how high the water got -- or will get. Another way is by considering the volume of water flowing past a point.

Here is the current state of the river and daily projections through Thursday of the flow in thousands of cubic feet per second and current speed. At Huntington, things should start falling back tomorrow, but if you look at points downriver, you'll see a lot more water is headed their way.

In doing some math, it looks like the volume of water flowing past Evansville will be about 22 percent greater on Thursday than it was today. Farther down at Golconda, Ill., the volume will increase by about 17 percent. Some of the tributaries in that end of the river may be in for it, too.

Looking upriver, there may be another but smaller slug of water headed our way. Check out the predictions for the Willow Island Locks and Dam or for Parkersburg to see what I mean.

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Anonymous said...

Just a comment it takes a lot!! more fuel to push against a 4mph current,I expect we will all see the fuel clause on our electric bills go up.Last time I check diesel fuel (price in the gulf)was 3.28 Most line haul towboats will hold in the excess of 70,000 gal.Some on the lower Miss, over 100,000 gal.AEP is burning a lot of fuel these days!