Saturday, April 30, 2011

Debi Sharp downbound

Thursday morning and afternoon, I attended the meeting of the Marshall University Board of Governors. On the way back home to file my story for the Internet, I decided to take the long way. If I saw a boat and felt the need to get some pictures, I could charge it off to lunch time. But I had to enjoy the first nice day that I could spend -- at least part of it -- outdoors.

I took a few pictures of the East End bridge just to have for comparison of how it looks at different times of day and year in different weather conditions. As I got in my car, I reviewed the pictures and noticed there was a boat under the bridge, probably a Crounse boat. Those things are pretty distinctive. So I figured I'd get a few more shots off before I got back to work.

The Ohio River was running high and the wind was whipping up some waves, which helped make for some big splashes as the barges pushed through.

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