Saturday, August 13, 2011

Three news items

Ohio's transportation officials are starting to talk up increasing the transportation use of the Ohio River beyond traditional bulk commodities. They talked about it in Ironton a few days ago, and here they are talking about it in Marietta.


If I lived near or spent much time in Louisville, I'd probably be all over what's going on with efforts to build two new bridges and rebuild part of Interstate 64 along the river. Sitting here 300 miles up the river, it looks like things are to the point where planners are putting documents out for public review. Sitting here 300 miles up the river, I don't see how they can do something that big and expensive without tolls of some sort, but with politics you never know.


Remember a day or two ago when Asian carp were the biggest ecological threat to rivers since the zebra mussel? The official line now is that they aren't so bad, mainly because there's money to be made.

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