Thursday, January 26, 2017

A few more bridge demolition photos

Here are some more pictures I got Monday as the first stop in the dismantlement of the old Ironton-
Russell Bridge began.

First, a view from the Kentucky side of the river above the bridge.

Here, from the Ohio side, is a view of guys who I assume are operating the cables that lowered part of the center span. I know the engineers did the math and all, but it must have been odd being up there and wondering what to do if something didn't go as planned.

Toward the end of the lowering, there was a sliver of daylight between the metal and the barges.

These guys probably had the best view of the whole process.

It must have been great to be the photographer hired by the company to document the work,if there was one.

What are these things on the remaining bridge structure? I don't know, but we'll probably find out soon enough.

And finally, I tried to get all artsy with a shot, but it didn't work. Maybe next time.

The people who watched the work got a good show. A slow-motion show, but a good one.

The old bridge is too close to too many homes on the Kentucky side and too many businesses on the Ohio side to allow for demolition by explosion. Those are always nice to experience (when all goes as planned), but this was interesting, too. Plus if you are a little late, you still get to see something.

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