Thursday, January 26, 2017

President Trump's infrastructure plan

McClatchy Newspapers has obtained the latest version of a working list of the 50 top infrastructure projects of the Trump administration. Three listed projects directly affect the Ohio. They are, including their rank on the priority list:

2. The Brent Spence Bridge at Cincinnati, $2.5 billion.
4. Locks and dams 52 and 53, $3 billion.
45. Upper Ohio navigation improvements (Emsworth, Dashields, Montgomery), $1.7 billion.

There are also two projects listed on tributaries.

42. Chickamauga Lock and Dam on the Tennessee River, $383 million.
46. Monongahela River navigation (Charleroi Locks and Dam), $900 million.

On other rivers, the plan includes

37. Upper Mississippi locks and dams 20-25, $1.8 billion.
38. Illinois River locks (Lagrange and Peoria), $640 million.

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Unknown said...

They've been dragging their feet on that Lock 52 and 53 for a long time, so I hope they really do get on with it. I would wager that the delays in modernizing that stretch of river costs us tens of millions every year, as a nation.