Sunday, January 24, 2021

Barges make good pictures, too


Friday morning, I started my day job a few minutes late (the boss got the time back later in the day) because the "new" M/V Mae Etta Hines was in the area. I say "new" because the boat is the former M/V Hoosier State of AEP. When it pushed coal up my way, it was a frequent guest on this blog.

Friday was the first time the boat was up my way (Greenup pool) since its name change and new color scheme. I'll have photos of it in my next entry. For this one, I wanted to show off a photo of the three barges at the head of its tow.

The photo started out something like this ...

... but I wasn't satisfied with it. The colors didn't grab me, and the image felt off. Thus, I tried it in black and white and it came out so much better. The muted colors didn't stand out from the dreary landscape of just after sunrise. In black and white, you get a better contrast of the three barges. From rear to front, an empty tank barge, a loaded tank barge and a loaded hopper barge. It's like a staircase. The ID numbers on the barges stand out more, and in the black and white version, the lines of the barges don't compete with their colors.

All in all, I like the black and white version much better. Although the year is young, it's one of my favorite river photos so far.

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