Sunday, January 24, 2021

M/V Mae Etta Hines

As noted previously, the Mae Etta Hines was in the area Friday. I was able to grab a few photos before I had to start my day job. Here are a few.

I caught the boat on the Ohio side between Crown City and Miller right at sunrise there. I chose the Ohio side because I knew there would be no available shooing spots on the West Virginia side. All else being equal, I would have preferred to be in West Virginia so the sun could be at my back. Shooting into the sun is rarely fun. Thus the play between light and shadow in these first images. I processed three similar photos in three different ways for the different looks.

With the sun up, the boat approached the bend below Crown City,

This one was cropped from a cell phone image. The original didn't have good resolution, so don't look for detail by zooming in. It does provide a decent view of the boat in its natural habitat, however.

I thought I would try the sunrise image in black and white. It didn't work that well, but at least I tried.

As always, constructive feedback is welcome.

-- Jim Ross

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