Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flood Saturday, Part 2

Here is the mv. Midland, slowly moving toward the main lock at the Robert C. Byrd Locks and Dam so it can continue up the Ohio River. Boats were moving very slow this day at some places. On the way up the river, I saw one boat chugging along, then it began drifting backward before it started moving forward again upbound.

If you look at the Midland, you can see the road along the top of the bank running behind the boat's nameboard beneath the pilothouse. In normal pool, the top of the boat is well below the road.

And here is the riverward guidewall at R.C. Byrd. Normally it's out of the water 30 feet or more. Here  it looks like the water is about to top it.

Because of the position of the sun at this time of day and the almost cloudless sky, the lighting here was not the best.

And the rollers of the dam are out of the water, of course.

Another sign advising people to turn around. If you look behind the sign, you may see a pile of trash and drift in the water. That's where the bridge over Teens Run is. It looks like that stuff is accumulating there and will have to be removed somehow or other.

Do you see a cardboard sign attached to road sign with duct tape?

My guess is that someone was trying to be helpful, or someone was tired of being asked for directions.

(To be continued).

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